rank 2 pvp deck

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rank 2 pvp deck

Postby Raystlin » 01 May 2019, 19:11

german version
russian version

first of all i want to congratulate chuck. congratulations chuck on a first rank and thank you for taking me to the number one pvp platoon.

i guess i found a good game where even a new player is able to be successful. and it's absolutly free to play. many games that pretend to be ftp are ptw (pay to win) in reality. this one is not. i have not bought anything with real money in this game yet - devs may aaprove that fact. i've been told ingame that i can buy cards, but i can't buy skill. but it seems that they are the one who are lacking of skill. i trully wish they could buy some to make their games vs me a little bit more thrilling.

here is the screenshot i have made briefly before the season end:

you can also see my win rating on the screenshot. i lost only 70 games out of 842. that makes a win rate of 91.7%. many of the games have been played vs bots, so in reality the win rate is a little bit lower, but still very high.

the deck i would like to share with you is the final version of my pvp deck, that i used to get the second rank. i created it when i was by about 400 games and made no changes 'til the season end.

ok, here we go. i guess i have to give this deck a name. i will call it "better equip 'em":

16x units:
1x black sheep
1x first street infantry
1x brewster sb2a buccaneer
2x uss gato
1x hms nelson
2x curtiss soc seagull
2x gloster meteor
1x 6th ranger battalion
1x 18th division
1x t34 calliope
1x m36 jackson
1x uss texas
1x japanese cargo ship

7x items:
1x thompson sg.45
2x medal of honor
2x radar
2x precise map

7x order:
2x better equipment
2x demotion
2x search n destroy
1x guerrilla warfare

some of the cards i put only 1 copy in becouse i have only 1 (guerrilla warfare for example), other i did it becouse more then 1 is not necessary (m36 jackson for example). some cards just fill the gap (thompson sg.45 for example).

if you want to use my deck, but have not all the cards, i suggest to take the cards with the same, or lower rarity as those that you are replacing, since pvp is all about deck value. if you can't create a higher value deck that is competative, then create a lower one as i did. as you can see, there are no legendary, or epic elite cards in my deck. i didn't put any in my deck not becouse i don't have any (well, i still have not crafted any elite epics, but i already have some legendaries) - i don't did it becouse they would needlessly raise my deck value.

translated this post into german. here is the link: german version.
and in russian. link: russian version
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Re: rank 2 pvp deck

Postby gusgus78 » 01 May 2019, 20:17

Congrats Raystlin... nice to see new players as active as you... keep going mate!!

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Re: rank 2 pvp deck

Postby Raystlin » 01 May 2019, 22:42

thank you gus
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